Welcome to Pam's Handling Classes

On the following pages, I offer you information about my handling classes, my career in dogs, my time in the show ring, and my thoughts and passions as they appear in my writings and poems. I hope you find my site interesting, useful and perhaps even inspiring.

Currently, I am conducting weekly handling classes year round. Each session is six weeks in duration and each weekly class is two hours. The goal of the classes beyond the obvious process of instruction, is to encourage participants to interact. And to that end my students are asked to critically analyze each others’ ability as the hours and weeks progress. In this way, students soon come to realize the need to develop better hands on their dogs, better body position, and an improved way of walking/running.

I have used this fool proof method of training and encouragement for years and find that it is a successful method to help the novice or even the more advanced handler to become more skilled and confident in the ring. Added to the physical training are frequent discussions of the various breeds in the class. Again, I feel this is a positive and motivating way to expand general canine knowledge.

Also I have written a book about handling which will take the reader through the basic steps of purchasing a quality puppy, to the end result of best in show or best puppy in show.

Please enjoy your tour around my ‘place’ and come back often, as pictures and information about the classes will change regularly.

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